Welcome to all, and a special hello to everyone who has met me in person or to fellow writers redirected here from other websites. Welcome all!

One for the ladies, Tim Robson, August 2014

So; a website. I almost wrote 'vanity website' but just stopped myself. What's it about, Tim?

Writing. Music. Spurious historical analogies. Incongruous - but worthy - articles about the future of the payments industry. Home of the award winning* Tim Robson blog.

On these pages you'll read about my novel, Franco's Fiesta, and how to buy it, but also much more (who am I kidding - BUY THE BOOK). For instance - 

31st March 2016  The Apocalypse Chronicles came out published by Almond Press. I contributed a story. The best story.

April 2016 Artificium magazine The Journal  published a short short story of mine. 

July 2016 - Won the Booker Prize

August 2016 - Won the Orange Prize

Oct 2016 - Article -  'The night I met Madonna' - rejected by The Sunday Times Magazine on account of being 'poorly written, ill advised and probably libellous'.  Usual Tuesday night, then.

Nov 2016 - Sept 2017 - Stuff, lots of stuff. The Clapham Chronicles

And on and on it goes! Will the winning never end?

Check out my honour page. Real stuff. Some of the above may be made up.

Here, on this website, I post latest writings, random blogs on a variety of issues, robust opinions, finger waving certainty, ashen-faced back downs.  

I shoot! I put it over the bar! Look no hands.


You can get Franco's Fiesta in Kindle or paperback on Amazon. It's probably free now. I do a lot for charity and don't believe that words should be chargeable. Or something like that. Whatever. An unsigned copy is worth more.

Franco's Fiesta
By Tim Robson


Contact me, Tim Robson, at this site on: tim@timrobson.eu



*I made that bit up, about the award. However as a certified clairvoyant, I sometimes channel the future.