The Artist as a Young Man

The Artist as a Young Man

Here you can read some samples of my work for free.

Usually I charge loads for this. 

Unusually, I get paid.



This was a runner up in Artificium's Autumn 2016 contest. The story was published, I won some money and a couple of copies. Unfortunately, it seems sadly the publisher has gone bust.

It's part of my 'Clapham' series of short stories which focused on dating, mid-life crises, and the confusions between men and women who only superficially know each other. Some of it is drawn from observing people at The Battersea Arts Centre, and I had that place in mind when I wrote it, though confusingly relocated it to Sussex. Anyway, it serves as a good introduction to my writing. Enjoy!

Read it here.



This was published a couple of years ago by Almond Press. It's my first - and so far last - foray into dystopian fiction. Well done me! Within the genre, I think it reads fairly well and has quite a good plot line with a couple a twists and turns. I know this stuff is popular and so perhaps I should return to this type of fiction. For my guide on how to write Dystopian Fiction, click here.

Click to read A Veneer of Civilsation