Butterflies, Elvis, Yohanna, Iceland and me.

What a good title for this blog post. Sounds like a folk song or a country music thigh slapper.

Today I posted my critique of Yohanna's Funny Thing Is which is Number 5 on my occasional series of Tim's favourite songs. Yohanna is a young singer from Iceland who specialises in power ballads. She has a great voice and has released some special songs. Funny Thing Is, happens to be my favourite.

As always in this series, I tend to waffle around the subject a bit. My views on small countries, my time as a high flying business exec and female diva / torch songs are explored as well as Yohanna's oeuvre. It's an exciting mix, a real roller coaster of a ride and I enjoyed putting together these 2000 words.

Listen, enjoy. Read, laugh.


Cheers ears




New Song Review To Follow Soon - Funny Thing Is

Spent the last couple of days writing and polishing a song critique of 'Funny Thing Is' by Icelandic singer Yohanna. It's number 5 in my occasional series of my favourite songs. Yes, I'm up my own arse. No, I don't care.

It's nearly finished. The piece has been aided by help from Yohanna herself as she graciously answered some questions I threw at her on Facebook. 

If you don't know Yohanna yet, check her out. My song critique in the next couple of days will explain why in much more detail.

Speak soon...