Tim Robson: Top Posts 2018


Tim Robson Top Posts 2018

The Timmies Awards


As we head to the vinegar strokes of 2018, I thought I would list the top blog posts of 2018. And then list the top blog posts that should have been were it not for the poor taste of the public ganging up with my own obscurity.

Top Posts Written in 2018

1) Top Mick Taylor Studio Tracks

2) Top 10 Britpop Songs

3) 20 Minute Playlist : The Queen at Live Aid Test

Most Read Articles in 2018

1) Mick Taylor and that Guitar Solo

2) Tom Petty and the Death of Gene Clark

3) Mick Taylor - Street Fighting Guitarist

4) Top Mick Taylor Studio Tracks

5) Top 10 Britpop Songs

What should have been the top Articles (aka Tim’s Favs) 2018

1) Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville - Tim discusses Robert Doisneau

2) Deleted Scenes - The Growing Chill of the Censor

3) Some words on Impermenance - Tim reflects on time passing

4) Brighton to Manchester Train - Tim remembers this 7 hour journey before mobile phones

5) 20 Minute Set Lists. Oasis. Beatles. Abba.