Short Stories

I've been entering competitions recently. What's interesting is that many of them have a rule that  a submitted entry cannot have been published anywhere before. This even includes (vanity) websites like my own. This has meant that, sadly, some of my better efforts are ineligible under those rules. Which means that I've had to go out and write new stories. Or adapt old ones. Which is fine, of course. It's always good to have a deadline and to meet a word count.

But the ramification is that I'm more reticent that ever about publishing my work here on my website as technically, that would mean the story is barred from competitions.

It's a shame. But on the bright side: When I win I'll post them up here. And I guess when they lose, too!



Word of the day : Ennui

My story is much too sad to be told,
But practically ev'rything leaves me totally cold.
The only exception I know is the case
Where I'm out on a quiet spree
Fighting vainly the old ennui
And I suddenly turn and see
Your fabulous face.

(I get a kick out of you, Cole Porter)

Ah, our good friend Ol' King Cole could pen a good lyric, yes? I've decided to use 'ennui' more often. Popularise it, as it were, through the many and robust channels where my writing goes these days.

'Ennui' (pronounced On-wee) is the state of being listless, bored, unable or uninterested to raise your game anymore. Who amongst us hasn't felt that emotion?

My short story 'Yes/No' is basically a 2000 word exploration of this feeling. So much so that, when I came to re-edit it recently, I added the following couple of sentences:-

"My weary conscience has abdicated all authority; any restraint now lies tenuously with failing expectations and late night ennui. We are all fallen; we control only the manner of our descent."

Now I admit those lines won't make my next stand-up gig, but as an exploration of a compromised but sentient soul, they work pretty well. 

Ennui, it's gonna be big in 2015. You mark (or use) my words!

Laters, potatas


New Writings

My quietness on the website recently could be an indication of inactivity. It's a theory and a good one. But it's also not true.

I've been writing three new short stories, alternating between them, trying out new ideas, plot lines and, for one, cooking Spanish recipes.

Yes - in order to write a story ostensibly about cooking, I've been buying Spanish ingredients and making a delicious mixture of food from that country. Catalan Cannelloni, lemon chicken with white wine, serrano ham and onions; chickpeas with chorizo and spinach. And sherry (iced dry fino) which always helps. Even when I'm not writing. This drink also turns up a lot in Franco's Fiesta. Funny that.

Anyway, once my broadband problems mentioned in the post below are fixed - tomorrow apparently - I'll be posting new material.

Welcome also to everyone in Brighton who, unwittingly perhaps, became part of my never ending author tour on Friday night. 

Cheers, Tim