I Remember the 1970's

I do, I really do remember the 70's.

Large collars, wide trousers, brown ties, power cuts, strikes, rubbish public utilities.

Can't get broadband in my new house for two weeks. Literally it feels like I've gone back to the 70's and hanging on the telephone to BT pleading with them for a line.

The fact that this is the 21st Century and the company is Sky makes no difference. These things need to get quicker! I know my expectations have changed in the ensuing decades but progress is unstoppable and times for connectivity need to improve. Yes, Eon and EDF, I'm looking at you too... Having to go to the pub all the time to get my email is not a way to exist. Yeah, really.

Moan over.

I did write a short story yesterday which I need to polish but will post soon.